Ceramic Coating Services

Why choose a ceramic coating? 

Great question! For starters a professional grade coating is a transparent liquid polymer that is applied by hand in a climate controlled environment that chemically bonds to your vehicles surfaces creating a sacrificial layer of protection from the elements. As shown in the below diagram the benefits are numerous such as chemical resistance to help prevent damage from bug guts, bird droppings, industrial fallout, etc. Also UV resistance which protects from the harmful suns rays that will ultimately cause your paint to oxidize and fade. Lastly, in addition to that your vehicle becomes extremely hydrophobic which in turn helps repel dirt from sticking to the surfaces therefore making it significantly easier to keep your vehicle cleaner for longer. On top of all that a ceramic coating will also increase the shine putting a smile on both you and your vehicles face. Lastly our ceramic services don't stop at your vehicle's paint we have options for your wheels, brake calipers, glass, exterior trim, tires, exhaust tips, convertible covers, carpets, floor mats, interior plastics, and leather\vinyl seats practically any surface you can think of we've got you covered!

How do you maintain your coating?

Another great question! Aftercare of your vehicle and coating is paramount to maximizing its durability and appearance as well as required in some cases to be eligible for our guarantees. However, maintaining your coating is relatively easy provided the customer follows our professional recommendations. For example, tunnel car washes are absolutely off limits! Reason being they are far too aggressive and are known to use high alkaline chemicals which will potentially harm not just the coating but also the vehicles finish in general (swirls, marring, etc). At minimum we recommend the vehicle to get a handwash and maintenance detail once a month utilizing the proper soaps, towels, and techniques for best results. With any of our guarantee coatings we do provide the necessary soap and drying aid for up to 2 maintenance washes. Lastly, we do offer a "maintenance plan" which pricing varies depending on size of the vehicle and length of time between details (i.e. bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc). 

Level 1

- Durability: 3 Year

- Warranty: Yes

- Chemical Resistance: Good

Level 2

- Durability: 5 Years

- Warranty: Yes

- Chemical Resistance: Excellent

Level 3

- Durability: 9 Years

- Warranty: Yes

- Chemical Resistance: Excellent

Individual Ceramic Services

(Taxes Not Included)

*All Pricing is Based off Size of Vehicle*

Exterior Ceramic Services

Windows (All 4)

$120 Compact

$140 mid-size

+$20 for XL Vehicles


Wheel & Tire Ceramic Services


(Faces Only Up To 20")


Add $20 for wheels Over 20"


Wheels Off 

(Includes Polish and Decon)


Interior Ceramic Services

Brake Calipers

*Wheels Off Only*



Exhaust Tips



Headlight Restoration & Ceramic Coated    


$50 per Light



Maintenance Details 

* For Ceramic or Previously Detailed Customers*

Compare our maintenance packages and find the best fit for you.

Our maintenance program is designed to keep your vehicle looking its best after it has been ceramic coated or professionally detailed by us. The key to maximizing the benefits, of whatever coating you have, is to use the products that work best synergistically with that coating. Along with the proper technique and tools it is the safest and easiest way to maintain that " Freshly detailed" look

Every 3 months



Just Getting By

Bi-Monthly Service



General Upkeep




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