Paint Enhancement Services

In order for your vehicle to look its best its painted surfaces need to be more then just "cleaned". Studies show that even with minimal swirling and marring it affects your vehicles appearance by at least 15-20% depending on the angle and panel in question. Reason being is that when light reflects off your uneven/scratched surfaces it gives a less shinier and more dull look and ultimately lowering the vehicles value. Our paint enhancement services are designed to rejuvenate your vehicles paint to bring back that clarity and gloss ultimately bringing back its value if not increasing it. We have several options depending on the amount of scratch removal and customer expectations.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3‚Äč

- 1 Step Enhancement

- Imperfection Removal: 50%-70%

- Gloss Enhancement: Good

- $25/ft Bumper to Bumper

* Does Not Target Medium to Heavy Scratches*

- 2 Step Enhancement

- Imperfection Removal: 70%-85%

- Gloss Enhancement: Excellent

- $40/ft Bumper to Bumper


Multi-Stage Enhancement

- Imperfection Removal: 85%-95%

- Gloss Enhancement: Superior

- $50/ft Bumper to Bumper